About Cedar Originals

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John Baird, owner of Cedar Originals and designer of all Cedar Original products, was an aerospace research and development engineer for Rocketdyne, Thiokol and Westinghouse.  His furniture designs reflect his aerospace concern for safety and reliability as well as practicality.

After retiring from engineering, John obtained a Master of Divinity and pastored churches in Colorado and Missouri.  He has also been trained as a hospital chaplain.

His furniture designs reflect his spirituality.  Each piece is crafted with the potential of becoming a family heirloom.

Custom Design

We welcome design.  Actually, half of our designs over the last nine years have originated from the requests of customers.  Many times people have boards or trees that they would like fashioned into a specific item.  We do our best to create a hand-crafted piece that reflects your ideas and needs.

Sometimes people need furniture that requires a certain design to meet their physical needs.  This can be done without significantly increasing the price.

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